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NovuMind is dedicated to improving lives through the creation of Thinking Things. Leveraging our bleading edge Artificial Intelligence technology, NovuMind combines big data, high-performance supercomputers, and heterogeneous computing to transform the Internet of Things (IoT) into the Intelligent Internet of Things (I²oT). 


Current Openings: Internship


If you are an ambitious, imaginative, independent self-starter who work well on teams, come join our world class team of scientists and engineers to solve high impact problems. You will be working with/on one of the fastest super computers ever built dedicated to solve real world machine learning problems at scale.


Opening interns:

  • We have multiple job openings from internships and full-time positions in the following areas:

  • Deep Learning, Machine Learning 

  • Computer Vision: 2D & 3D, Recognition/Classification,Tracking, Detection, Segmentation

  • High Performance Computing, Parallel Computing 

  • Distributed Computing, MPI

  • Embedded Systems 

  • C/C++, OpenCV, CUDA/OpenCL, OpenGL, Caffe

  • Linux, FreeRTOS

  • Thread, AllJoyn 



  • Candidates available to start immediately will be given high priority. If needed, US work visa and permanent residency application sponsorship are available for full time candidates.



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