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LEAP-LEAD is a workshop-oriented series that typically consists of 5 training sessions led by esteemed leaders from the wide range of backgrounds as coaches. The first series runs until January 2017. This series will cover a variety of topics, including how to influence and lead people, how to build your authentic leadership brand, networking, communication/storytelling, handle conflicts, etc. The sessions are not designed as like college classes where you simply sit tight, listen tentatively, and take as many notes as you can. Instead, we firmly believe that excellent leadership can be best gained through hands-on practicing rather than simply minds-on absorption. As a result, LEAD participants are expected to practice actionable tips from each speaker, and to discuss deeply different topics together with coaches and peers.


【LEAP-LEAD #3】Finding The Authentic Leadership Within Yourself

Leaders come in different styles. Everyone has their unique authentic leadership. What is your unique authentic leadership style? And how could you find them? Come and join the LEAP-LEAD third installment with Gene Raltz on finding your authentic leadership.

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