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1. What is LEAP-BREC?

LEAP Book REading Club (LEAP-BREC). is aimed to provide book-lovers with a peaceful, joyful, friendly, and supportive environment for reading deeply and discussing interactively a set of great books that will shape us intellectually, emotionally, and spiritually in our professional life. It will provide an escape, a learning experience, a savior, and hopefully over time, a kind of glue that holds together our understanding of the career world and beyond, and eventually hold together who we are as an integrated leader.

2. How to join LEAP-BREC?

Add Jason (WeChat ID: yangwen0731) with a note "LEAP-BREC" to have an interview; have a short self-introduction; and recommend a book you read recently or you would like to read.

3. What’s the rule of this group?

Follow up the monthly book-reading plan, reading one book together per month, and participate in the on-line discussion on WeChat. If you can't keep the plan, you will be removed from the group temporarily until you have time to read book again; try your best to attend the off-line monthly meet up.

4. Why do we read one book together?

It’s an eventual agreement for all current LEAP-BREC members. The book will be selected by most members voting. One book is a commitment for everyone. It’s effective for members to share thoughts about this book. Members who have more time to read other books are welcomed to share the content and concept in the group.

5. Why do we have the monthly meet up?

LEAP-BREC is a long-time membership. Monthly meet-up provides the offline opportunity to develop the friendship with club members. Sharing ideas and thoughts face to face is more effective than just online sharing.

6. When and where is the Meet-up going to happen?

The time and address varies each time. But usually at the end of the month. It will be announced two weeks before that.

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