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【LEAP eSalon-Recap】Effective Social Networking | Dr. Guo

April 09, 2020

The first LEAP eSalon in 2020 was held on April 9th and featured Prof. Veronica Guo, a seasoned expert in the business communications from USC Marshall School of Business, and a dedicated  LEAP mentor. 

【LEAP Story】写给普通人:比特币的技术、意义与象征(第二部分)

March 11, 2018

【LEAP Story】写给普通人:比特币的技术、意义与象征(第一部分)

March 10, 2018


【LEAP Story】电商这点事

October 06, 2019



LEAP in LEAPers' Mind [Season II]

July 08, 2017

As LEAPers, we often encountered questions like,


“What is LEAP?”

“Why did you join LEAP?”

“How do you feel about LEAP?”



In addition to the official definition, LEAP means different to each LEAPer who has developed a unique understanding about LEAP. 

当我聊 LEAP 时,我在聊什么?

May 28, 2017

LEAP是什么?官方的定义随处可见,但 LEAP团队的小伙伴 ZZ 在这里给出了一个更有人情味且个人以为更本质且核心的理解。正如著名教育家梅贻琦先生所理解的:“大学是有大师之谓而非有大楼之谓也“,LEAP团队的核心也不见得是那一套有型的规章制度和活动流程,而是为同一个目标共同努力的一群人以及由此而结成的情感纽带。

How do celebrities say about their mentors? 名人谈导师

February 23, 2017

What is a Mentor? 


February 17, 2017


LEAPer #151001 Crashing the Self-Imposed Glass Ceiling At Corporate America

October 15, 2015

Yinuo,Director of China Program in Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, thinks there are 3 stages in one’s career development – “to do”, “to build”,and “to coach”. 

LEAPer #150902 Be Bold to Change and Find Passion in Success

September 25, 2015

“80% of my life in the research laboratory was static, while now 80% of my life is full of excitement and delight,” said Jun Deng, a business associate at TEEC Angel Fund (TAF).



LEAPer #150901 From My Startup Failure to a $100k Salary

September 12, 2015

Maybe you’ve heard of or had friends putting blood, sweat and tear into building their startup companies. But have you ever thought of being one of them? Or is that too risky and challenging?


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