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Hong Kang(Ulan)


Ulan is a famous Radio host in KAZN AM1300 Radio Station.


Her music show is called “A Worldful of Beautiful Songs”, dedicated to promote Chinese national folk music internationalization.

Her talk show “Your Excellent Story” interviewing the elites and their stories.


Ulan just started a new talk show from 2016, called " The Entrepreneurial dreams of overseas Chinese youths", to inspire the Chinese youth to develop the entrepreneurial dream. Ulan also co-host the program called “Star Internet” , which is the live cultural exchange program co-produced by KAZN AM1300 and FM105 Shandong Life channel of China.


Ulan is an author, her new book "Crowned By Love" published on Oct. 2015, focus on the education comparison between America and China, based on her two daughter's true grown up stories. Her book “Dust Tango” records overseas elders life stories. Ulan is also the columnist of “Street Show” magazine of Shandong, China, her column is focus on the cultural and educational comparison between America and China, in which Chinese readers can insight United States by different angles.


Ulan is a well-known Emcee, she presided over the welcome dinner of President Xi Jinping’s visit to Los Angeles Chinese community on Feb. 16, 2012. Ulan has been hosting many grand events and activities.


Ulan is a great supporter of education, culture and community service, she has been provided considerable support to Westridge School for Girls, Methodist Hospital Foundation in Arcadia, and Shandong University of China. Ulan organized large-scale fundraising activities. In 2008, she organized artists in Los Angeles to raise fund of USD$200.000.00 for Sichuan Earthquake in Qiaobao building at Monterey Park with 1000 guests attendance, and other.


Ulan was awarded the certificate of honor issued by Southern California Chinese Federation of “American Leader, the Ethnic Chinese Model” in 2008, and "Women Role Model" in 2015.


Ulan graduated from Shandong University in China, majoring in Biology; also received a Master of Ecology from Shandong University. Now Ulan is the President of Puli International Inc., which is the import and export business, and the CFO of Green Pasture Inc., which is the Quality Alfafa Hay Production and Hunting Recreational Activity.



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